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Here is how I plan to take on the issues facing our County’s justice system. I invite you to click on each topic and read more about the priorities I have while serving the people of our community.

COVID-19 Responses

During this crisis I want to help provide resources and support for the individuals in our community that need it. This means updates on resources, timelines, and restrictions for essential workers, medical care, court cases, local businesses, and more as they become available.


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Serving the People

I’ve spent 22 years serving in the US Army Reserves in both active and reserve status, and am currently a Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4).  (Read More)

Justice for All

Dedication to objective deliberation for all individuals. (Read More)

Reforming the Justice System

By recognizing each individual’s unique background and experience with the justice system, we can direct them to the best resources that can prevent them returning to the courtroom.  (Read More)

Qualifications for Quality Service

I am driven by the belief that justice requires fair, impartial, compassionate, and experienced decision making. These are the qualifications and certifications I have that prove I am the best candidate for the position: 
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