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Reforming the Justice System

My experiences with my own family have motivated me to learn the law so that I could protect those closest to me from deep-rooted institutional and systemic injustices and racism. It is because of those experiences that I am committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens, bringing diversity of experience and background to objectively deliberate, educate, and render compassionate justice to litigants appearing before the court; many with traumatic backgrounds.  I am a very passionate practitioner who is actively engaged in various levels of systemic change and strategic planning, continually assessing services to individuals in crisis.

I currently manage a private practice representing youth in foster care. I strive to be a dynamic problem-solver, and aim to do so through my involvement as a Board Member of Washington Trafficking Prevention and a member of Community Youth Services’ (CYS) Program Review board sub-committee.  I am also the defense representative on the Governor’s appointed Criminal Justice Treatment Act Panel and the Criminal Justice Opioid Workgroup and continue to look for ways to create and maintain services for individuals in crisis and individuals coming from traumatic backgrounds. 

Committee to Elect Sharonda Amamilo
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